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After a teenage girl's perplexing suicide, a classmate receives a series of tapes that unravel the mystery of her tragic choice.

Title:13 Reasons Why
First Air Date:Mar 31, 2017
Last Air Date:May 19, 2018
Number of Episodes:26
Number of Seasons:2
Genres:Drama, Mystery
Casts:Dylan Minnette, Katherine Langford, Nina Cheek, Ke'Mari Moore, Joseph C. Phillips, Michael Sadler, Michele Selene Ang, Lisa Hitchcock Kallstrom, William W. Barbour, Anne Winters
Alternative Titles:Os 13 Porquês, 13个原因, 루머의 루머의 루머, 13 powodów, Por Treze Razões, TH1RTEEN R3ASONS WHY, Thirteen Reasons Why

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