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Liu Xin Tong is a positive girl, living in a poor household. There was nothing out of the ordinary until she got into an accident that moved her and her mother into a rich businessman's house. There, she meets Li Yao Nan, her fated love along with two siblings that play important roles in her new life. She is met with multiple obstacles that she must overcome to ultimately keep her lover and friends, in addition to finding out the real truth about her birth.

Title:Love & Life & Lie
First Air Date:Jan 04, 2017
Last Air Date:Jan 26, 2017
Number of Episodes:41
Number of Seasons:1
Networks:Zhejiang Television
Casts:Chen Xiao, Zhou Dongyu, Ye Qing, Leanne Liu, Ian Wang, Nikita Mao, Mi Re
Alternative Titles:Yu Jian Ai Qing De Li Xian Shen

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